The Keytar!!

Casio AZ-1The ultimate 80’s icon, the KEYTAR, has become an integral part of the 80’s Flashback show in the past 8 years and in that time we have had the pleasure of performing with a number of keyboard players such as Pete McDonald and James Flood, who took up the challenge of the carrying infamous Casio AZ-1.

Since May 2013, Merryn Court, our newest keytarist, has been gracing the stage with the 80’s Flashback. Although we will still see Pete and James from time to time, we’ll be seeing Merryn more.

Merryn has been an avid fan of the band for some time now and when the need arose for a permanent replacement, Merryn jumped at the opportunity.

Although the keytar is a number of years older than her, Merryn has taken to the keytar like a natural. She’s enjoying the 80’s tunes and the 80’s Flashback are enjoying the bit of class she brings to the stage.

So, welcome aboard Merryn!

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